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Islamorada Cigar Company was born out of a love for Cigars and the camaraderie that the smoking and sharing of a Legendary Smoke embody!

Meet Captain Greg

Captain Greg is the owner of Islamorada Cigar Company, a company that was born out of his love for cigars and the camaraderie that comes with smoking and sharing a legendary smoke.

ICC’s cigars are hand-rolled small-batch masterpieces, using only long filler grown in the Dominican Republic from Cuban seed, bound with the highest quality binder, and wrapped in a buttery smooth Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade or a rich Maduro wrapper.

The company’s unique flavor profile comes from a closely held family blend that has been created and styled over 50 years in the making, using Cuban-seeded Piloto, San Vicente, and Olor Dominicano tobaccos brought from Cuba in 1962.

Like many of the finest cigars in the world, Islamorada Cigar Company is based in the Dominican Republic.

History of Cigars in Republica de Dominicana

The popularity of cigars from this region stems from its rich and robust history.

At the onset of the Cuban Embargo, when all tobacco products became state-owned, farmers in Cuba migrated to South America. Due to the similarities in climate and soil, many settled in the Dominican Republic. Those farmers—who would become legends in the industry—came from generations of renowned cigar makers and had many years of experience working in the fields in Cuba. Once settled in their new home, they began to cultivate the top-quality Cuban seed they had brought with them and started growing the tobacco that has now become world-renowned.

The rich, fertile land, soil, and climate are the birthplace of the finest cigars in the world. We can call the Dominican Republic home to Islamorada Cigar Company with great pride. ICC’s unique flavor profile is borne of a closely held family blend crafted and styled over 50 years in the making. ICC uses Cuban tobacco grown from seeds brought from Cuba in 1962. Only the finest leaf Piloto, San Vicente, and Flor Dominicano tobaccos are selected for our filler and binder.

About The Benefield: A Special Blend

The Benefield was created in memory of Captain Tommie. D. “Doug” Benefield, Flight Legend and Head Test Pilot for the B-1 Bomber.

As a young man, I was lucky enough to be exposed to the grace, grit, knowledge, courage, and the sheer balls of a generation of men like my very good friends, Terry and Tommie Benefield Jr.’s father, Commander Benefield. Before losing his life in the pursuit of Aviation, he taught us about cigars and instilled the sense of camaraderie and celebration that is a great cigar shared with friends.

If you have what it takes to Smoke Like A Legend, light up a Benefield Bombero and remember the men of generations past and present that gave it all so that we can do just that!

We strive to make a cigar that honors Tommie, D. “Doug” Benefield, and with the blessing of his last surviving son, Tommie Benefield Jr.—a distinguished Naval Aircraft Carrier Pilot and squad leader—we believe this one hits the mark like a B-1 Payload!


Captain Tommie D. Benefield
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Benefield Bombero Cigar
Benefield -Islamorada revised

The Future of Islamorada Cigar Company

I am filled with an overwhelming sense of excitement as I share with you the remarkable journey that awaits us in the future of the Islamorada Cigar Company. Brace yourself for a world of wonder and brilliance, where the fusion of tradition and innovation will redefine the very essence of cigar smoking.

Picture yourself indulging in the finest cigars crafted by the skilled hands of our artisans, using only the most exquisite, Dominican-grown tobacco. The commitment to quality and consistency that resonates throughout every leaf and every blend is nothing short of extraordinary. From the fertile soil to the expertly rolled masterpiece, each cigar tells a story of dedication and passion.

Its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional value sets the Islamorada Cigar Company apart. Our premier boutique cigars offer an unparalleled experience, catering to the most discerning palates. Each puff reveals a symphony of flavors and aromas that captivate the senses, taking you on a journey of unparalleled pleasure.

Enthusiasts worldwide have embraced the Islamorada Cigar Company as the epitome of sophistication and taste. It has become the choice of aficionados who seek the pinnacle of indulgence. Our cigars have woven themselves into the fabric of celebrations, private moments of reflection, and social gatherings, uniting individuals across borders, cultures, and backgrounds.

Moreover, the future of the Islamorada Cigar Company extends beyond the realm of aficionados. It presents a golden opportunity for retailers who seek to elevate their offerings and cater to the desires of their clientele. Our cigars embody a level of craftsmanship and excellence that commands attention and admiration. By partnering with us, retailers open their doors to a world of prestige and prosperity.

So, my fellow cigar lovers, as we gaze into the future of the Islamorada Cigar Company, let us embrace the brilliance and wonder it holds. With each puff, we ignite a symphony of pleasure and immerse ourselves in the artistry of the cigar. Together, we shall savor the journey and raise our glasses to the exquisite craftsmanship that unites us all.

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